Sacramento Samoan Seventh-day Adventist Church

3526 5th Ave
Sacramento, CA, 95817-3103

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1.  Topography of our existing Church site

2.  View of Church Building from the Parking Lot

3.  Front of our Church Building

4.  Entrance to our Church (Foyer)

 5. Church foyer - facing Mother's Room entrance

6.  Mother's Room (new installation)

 7.  Church foyer - facing entrance to restrooms

 8.  Inside the Church (back pews), facing the east wall
(Unfinished walls, uncovered lighting & structures visible)

 9.  Stairwell to Youth Sabbath Class Room
(Ceiling damage and notable poor condition of interior)

 10.  Severe water and sheet damage to ceiling
(This is the general ceiling condition visible throughout our Church building)

 11.  Partial inside view of the church from the front

12.  Stage left view


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Our existing Church building

Our project in pictures

During Construction
Construction Completed

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